With any race there are commonly asked questions. Below is our attempt to respond to those questions.
If you don't see the answer to your question below, please send us an emailWe will respond to you as quickly as possible.
Question: Will I be able to register race day? 
Answer: Yes  Race day registration begins at 1pm and will conclude at 2:45pm.
Question: What types of registration will be offered?
Answer: We will offer regular mail registration and online registration.
Question: Will bathrooms be available?
Answer: Yes, there are bathrooms at the park and porta potties will be available near the start.
Question: How will the race be timed?
Answer: The Winter Classic 8k will be timed by Lee Timing using disposable chips.
Question: Will there be mile marks?
Answer: Yes, each mile will be marked. In addition, McAlpine has 200m mark posts that may be utilized for your own use.
Question: Will the course be marked?
Answer: Yes, each turn along the course will be marked directing the runners accordingly.
Question: Will there be awards?
Answer: Yes, see the awards page.  The awards ceremony is planned for approximately 9:30am.
Question: Is there a course map?
Answer: Yes, located (New course map coming). 
Question: Will I be able to write a check for race day registration?
Answer: Yes, both check and cash will be accepted.  Checks should be made payable to the Charlotte Running Club.  Race day registration starts at 8am and will close at 8:45am
Question: What type of post-race refreshments will be available?
Answer: Water and Bananas
Question: Will the results be posted?
Answer: Yes, results will be posted after the race and later online at The Winter Classic 8k website and at the Lee Timing website.
Question: What happens incase inclement weather is forcast for race day?
Answer: In case of inclement weather The Winter Classic 8k website will maintain the up-to-date status for the event.
Question: Will runners be able to warm-up on the course before hand?
Answer: Yes
Question: Is parking available?
Answer: Yes, the main entrance should have ample parking for our event.
Question: Is there a website where I can get directions to the race?
Answer: Yes, you may click here for a map to the race.